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Q: Where can I get the iOS version?

It can be downloaded from Apple App Store from this location: Download Link

Q: Where can I get the Android version?

It can be downloaded from Google Play from this location: Download Link

Q: On what type of devices can this app be used?

The app can be used on both Mobile Phones and Tabs.

Q: Which phone is best suited?

Any Android phone with 4G and above capability can be used.

Q: Which Tab/Tablet is best suited?

Any Android Tab with 4G and above capability can be used.

Q: If I get a new phone, what do I need to do?

Just download the app from Android Download or iPhone Download and login with OTP.

Q: If I get a new phone number, what do I need to do?

The new phone number will not be registered with Biizlo. Members who are already linked to your Wing & Flat No. can add you via their “Add Flat Members” button. The husband can add the new phone number of the wife, for example, amongst the Flat members.

Q: If my phone gets lost, what do I need to do?

In the new phone, just download the app from Android Download or iPhone Download and login with OTP. Presume that the mobile number will remain the same.

Q: How to reach Biizlo’s support lines?

Details are kept updated on Contact Link.

Q: If my data connection is OFF, will the app work?

No. Data connection or wifi connection is required for Biizlo app to work.

Q: Where is the data getting stored?

The data is securely stored in AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud servers in India. Learn more here.

Q: Is my data private?

Yes. Your data is personal and private. It can be viewed only by you.

Q: What happens to my data? Does it get shared?

Your data is not shared with any third party. Your data will not be shared with any third party. Sharing of data is outside the business scope of Biizlo.

Q: What should the Society do to get Biizlo registration?

First, the Management Committee has to say YES to Biizlo for its Society and provide the list of Wing + Flat no. + Resident Name. Based on this master data, Biizlo will create the Society configuration and make it operational. Though the process can get done in a few hours, it depends on how long the Society takes to provide this information.

Q: What personal information is taken to complete the configuration for the Society?

We take Wing Name + Flat no. + Resident Name. This information will be provided by the Society.

Q: How long does it take to make a Society fully operational?

From the time the Management Committee says YES, it can take anywhere between 4-7 days depending on the permissions we receive from the Society Committee.

Q: How do I get ID & password?

Your phone number is your ID and your password is the OTP for login. Your will receive the OTP as an SMS after you enter your mobile number. To login to Biizlo using your phone number, there needs to be two settings, viz., (1) your Society must be already registered with Biizlo (2) your mobile number must be already linked to your Wing Name & Flat No. Even if your Society is registered with Biizlo but your phone number is not linked, you will not be able to login.

Q: How much does Biizlo cost?

The housing society pays and not the residents. The nominal subscription charges are based on the actual number of Wings and Flats, billed quarterly, half yearly or yearly. GST charges are extra. Please get in touch with us to get the actual pricing.

Q: What happens when I press the Panic button?

Three actions happen, viz., (1) A phone call goes to your Single Point of Contact assigned by the Society (2) Panic SOS is sent to everyone in your Society (3) Panic SOS is sent to your Emergency Contacts in the Biizlo app.

Q: How can I enable the Panic Button?

Go to the Settings icon on the top right. Enable or Disable the Panic Button. By default, it is ON.

Q: How to disable visitor notification sound?

Go to the Settings icon on the top right. Enable or Disable Visitor Notification Sound. By default, it is ON.

Q: I am not getting notification alerts on my phone. What to do?

Check if your data connection was unavailable. The moment data connection is available, you will get the app notifications. In addition, based on the make of your phone, click the icon “Notification Issue” in Biizlo for steps to be checked.

Q: What do I need to check when I get the Biizlo notification sound?

It means some visitor has come at the main gate. You have to review the details, viz., Name, Photo, Purpose, etc. and click on the button ACCEPT or REJECT as soon as possible. Through the App, you can even call the Security Guard and/or the Visitor.

Q: What do I need to update in the Profile section?

The Profile contains your Name, Wing name, Flat no., Address, Email ID, Mobile no., etc. These fields are to be kept updated. For any changes to uneditable fields, please contact your Management Committee.

Q: What do I need to do in this screen?

This is the main Visitor management screen where you will see Visitor details. Once the data is entered by the GUARD using his version of Biizlo mobile app, you can call the GUARD or the VISITOR from this screen using the Call links in blue. You can ALLOW or REJECT the Visitor at that time. One additional feature is to BLOCK a visitor from future visits.

Q: How does this feature work?

Entry will be a breeze with this feature to pre-authorize guests. Simply generate a pre-authorized numeric code for your guests and let your guest know. The guest will communicate this code to the SECURITY GUARD. The SECURITY GUARD will allow the Visitor to enter if the code status is VALID. No more questions asked as the GUARD will be able to see which Wing/Flat no. the Visitor will proceed to.

Q: What do I need to do here?

Enter your mobile nos. within your family. Let’s say you have entered three mobile nos. Based on the order of these mobile nos., the SECURITY GUARD will be able to call you if you are not inside your house at that moment, for example. The SECURITY GUARD, in his version of Biizlo, will see the order of mobile nos. in the same way in which you have arranged them here. In this case, the 1st mobile number will be called first, 2nd one will be called second, when need arises. You can change the order of these nos. as per your requirement on a particular day.

Q: Do I need to add anything here? What happens after I add them?

One member of the family in a wing and flat no. may have got access to Biizlo. He/She should add other members of his/her family. Once added, the other members will be notified via sms and they can download the app and login with OTP sms. Until this activity of adding flat members is done using the mobile nos., additional members will not be allowed access to Biizlo. Everyone added to a wing & flat will be notified when a visitor comes.

Q: When is this feature handy?

For this feature to work, you must have important contacts added in Biizlo who will be notified in case of Panic or Emergency of the resident. To use this feature, simply type your urgent message and select to who you want to send it to, viz., to your list of important contacts; or, to the entire list of residents in your Society. One scenario can be, if anyone has suffered an extreme medical condition inside the house and there is nobody present, the resident can immediately make use of this feature to send the alarm which can turn out to be a life saver. Or, fire in the building, for example.

Q: What are these PANIC logs and what is the purpose?

See history of PANIC logs sent by other people and also PANIC logs sent to other people from your list of contacts.

Q: What are these important contacts and how is this necessary?

What if you are in a state of extreme critical emergency, health or otherwise? Keep adding your important contacts so that they will be alerted/alarmed in such scenarios and to also automatically send details of where you are, i.e., your geolocation. Using the Emergency Help feature in the Dashboard, you can send PANIC messages to all in one go thereby saving time or getting that urgent help when required.

Q:  What do I do here?

This is the icon at the bottom centre of your Dashboard. When you click the icon, you will see the master notifications page which is not just for Visitor notifications. You will also see notifications for Emergency Messages, if any. Click on each of these alerts to go to their details page. You see all notifications that you have received.

Q: How can I use the biometric feature?

The biometric device is attached to the guard app. Regular visitors of residents and society can be allowed via fingerprint identification. The charges for the biometric device is billed separately and is not included with the Biizlo software subscription pricing.

Q: What is code-based entry and how can I use it? [ BETA ]

Rather than ask the 10-digit mobile no. and other details of regular staff everytime, 4-digit numeric codes unique to every regular staff can be generated to identify the person. This helps in simplifying the entry process.

Q:  What are the features that I can customize to suit my requirements as a resident?

You can change the notification sounds, block visitors, disable daily notifications for regular staff, viz., maids, drivers, etc. to suit your convenience. You can also use these features during specific time periods as well.