Necessity Of a Visitor Management App: Security Perspective

It no more dawns a sense of amazement, when we see people spending most of their time on their phones. A resultant upheaval of, a technological shift that was driven by the smartphone technology and IoT (the Internet of Things). With a high growth of smartphones, we’ve seen a normalization & acceptance of technology in our everyday lives. We’ve witnessed a greater normalization of the concept of your device being able to control physical devices via apps – like the Phillips hue Light bulb for example.

In context of security, the biggest impact that IoT has made, is an increased interest in monitoring, with major focus on self-monitoring. It’s the birth of the concept of self-security, where one is actively involved and participates, towards mitigating risk, thus ensuring security.

Today automated mechanisms exist for everything through which, you can do a lot more, than just beef up & self-monitor your own security. After all, security as a concept is instilled in every stable individual, in many ways. From health, financial, physical and mental security, to now ensuring that personal security is also housed, under the same ambit and governing principals as the other participants under the same umbrella.

Physical security, mental security is a concept which reflects in your mundane every day. It’s essential to assure to understand the implication of the same.

It stems from the notion of protection & safety and how they work in tandem. One is incomplete without the other. One hinge on the other & both are dependent on each other. Let’s picture this, could you be a person who has good financial health, if you don’t understand the concept of savings? Similarly, if you don’t participate in building and choosing to do, what’s necessary to redefine your concept of security? Are you really understanding the concept of security and working towards it? Maybe, you should give it deep thought.

Looking further through the social lens, we understand how security as a concept is multi-layered and multifaceted. With the social perspective, one leads to another and it’s a process, not just word. If security is a concept, that is instilled in our everyday lives and if given a choice, would you be the one the design and decide your own security needs? Because the onus is on you, as it originates with individuals and manifests on each social level like communities, groups, organizations, work environments, institutions and the nation as a whole.

We could have attempted to draw a comparison on the strength & weaknesses of self-driven, interactive, participating & informed social security mechanism or a system vs. a static, non-reciprocal, uninvolved & uninformed social security mechanism. Albeit, if there had been one in place, but the fact that the space or concept of mechanized or automated security is still in its formative stage in India. Drawing a comparison would be not the most fitting ploy, at this given point.

Traditional security systems, still devise the register in place & a guard with no tool for authentication the visitors’ authenticity. There isn’t proactive reasoning and mechanism in place to mitigate risk. We do not question these facts until some big incident hits us & then dawns a sense of reasoning & evaluation. The morning dailies, are flooded instances that question and point towards the poor state of security in this country.

Also, let us understand & arrive at is the fact that security is not a question of luxury or a privilege? It’s a new necessity. Each individual therefore should take responsibility for their own security.

On the ground level, security begins with you, yourself and your home. You herein imply to all connected with you as without which that self would not be complete. Your loved ones, your friends, your family, your colleagues, your everyday support staff, it’s these people that form, “your biosphere”.

The very environment that you breathe in that cocoons you and it’s only after such a level of understanding is reached & it’s only then will you be able to apply the same to the many aspects of the living world. Let’s begin there, your personal & home security.

What we are witnessing today, is the resultant product of two forces under discussion setting the stage for the next. In case, you missed out on it, the forces are traditional security and the need to redefine it.  A Marxian theory implemented here which proposes that the current security mechanism needed to evolve and thus, we witness the birth of digital & digitalized security.

And in the eventuality, this mechanism would be available on our smartphones. In fact, it already is… The wise call it Biizlo! A smart security app catering to redefine your security needs. A product of innovation, technology & self-driven monitoring of security, in the form of an app, designed to address security needs & elevate the sense of security of the residential & corporate community.

Let’s go ahead & discuss the app, as we have established the need for the same, we now understand what could drive the need for such an app.

  • An app on your device which can ensure you are in total control when it comes to the security of your loved ones
  • An app on your device acts as a communicator to relay & receive information from other devices enabled by a similar mechanism/app
  • An app on your device that informs you well in advance about a visitor before your doorbell does
  • An app on your device which lets you can manage, schedule & inform and connect with visitors & guests
  • An app on your device that’s lets you safeguard the security of your loved ones
  • An app on your device that lets you design your own security

A smart, secure & innovative, security management app designed to cater to residential & commercial spaces. The idea, inspiration & philosophy were answering all those questions we proposed throughout this discussion. It’s the answer to your social security management system.

Further, from here we would want to ask you the big question, Do you think your society visitor management system is full proof?

When an app can answer & solve the errors a usual security process fails to tackle. Your security systems, are already posing an alarming question. The answer to all your security questions begins with self-introspection.

We’ll leave you to answer those. Remember we began stating the need for your society to install a visitor management app. Let’s ask you, what do you think.