How can Biizlo App help if you're living with elders in your family ?

Leading a fast-paced life has brought in many changes in various aspects from being ‘on the go’ to simplifying and making life easy not only for you but also for your family! Family forms the foundation of your being and your elders are the ones who water your roots to help you grow. Soon it's time for you to stand strong and spread out your shade to your loved ones by securing them in their environment.

Whether you live in a nuclear or a joint family, there is a constant thought nagging you at the back of your mind concerning your elders health, emergency situations and security. Imagine yourself working in your workplace but thinking of the following situations;

  • What if there is some medical emergency?
  • Are all the doors and windows locked securely?
  • What if they need some help or support?
  • What if there are visitors coming all of a sudden?
  • What if they want to contact someone?

With changing times, security management has become more resourceful, convenient and accessible on your fingertips! Gone are the days when you used to wait in queues, manually register, write down the details and after a long process of verifying your identity, enter the gates of your homes. Security management systems have undergone a revolutionary change and have made life easy going. Much as you may think that security being digitised may tend to be a drawback for the elderly but no! It has actually proved to be convenient and so much more simplified than your manual register book or traditional landline connections which are both, monotonous and time- consuming.

There might be instances wherein elderly people may have to call for emergency services or medical aid and imagine them trying to walk till their landline connection or suppose some visitors just walk in and they are trying to process whether they should let them in or not. Manual entries and wired intercoms add to the their woes, where at this age they should have all these things simplified and made comfortable. Why worry about these things when you've got security managed, authorized & tailor-made for you?

Here we are, presenting to you, the key solution for all your security management;

Biizlo App

Where security is managed by you ubiquitously.

 Biizlo app is smart, secure and effective security management software, enabling inclusive secure environments for people residing in societies, offices and gated communities. Biizlo app, cuts across the traditional security systems, enabling them to be digitalized, convenient and accessible.

It has categorized itself into two models i.e. Residential and Commercial, each having sub parts, highlighting the resident app, as shown below:

  1. Gated communities
  • Biizlo Resident App
  • Biizlo Guard App

Biizlo Resident App:

This app can be used by residents in the societies where they will receive updates/ notifications regarding their visitor’s details and visits. This way elder people can access information beforehand and get advanced. The residents also can authorize and manage the visitor's information prior to their arrival.

Biizlo Guard App:

This app is exclusively designed for the security staff stationed at the gate where they can register and verify the visitor's information and notify the residents with real- time status updates of the visitor for safety purposes.

Biizlo app enables you to get updates, visitor information, makes it easier to contact people around with inbuilt features like flat intercom, society phonebook, emergency alert etc.

Imagine if your elders at home were having a medical emergency won't it be much easier and quicker to contact your close people in through the app rather than flipping through pages of your phonebook? Or, if there are some guests who have arrived without notice and your house isn't ready, would you be able to welcome them in or be notified the moment they enter the security check in, so that you've got enough time to set things right? These little scenarios in context with the features of Biizlo app, gives you clarity on the concept of how you could get your security ‘go digital' and be at ease.

Biizlo app, mostly functions on the frontline network of making security simpler, modernized and accessible for one and all! Time to go digital!