Traditional VS Digital Visitor

Be it a casual meeting, a get-together, festivals or any other occasion, visitors are someone who will always be welcomed at our doorsteps irrelevant of the day or time! Now, when it comes to receiving them home, we often forget how many levels of security checks they go through to reach till our doorstep! Our guests whom we treat with utmost respect and love are the ones who need to stand in long queues, fill out their details on the register and then go past the rituals of manual security checks which are monotonous as well as time-consuming.

We’ve all gone through it… We all know the hassles of having a manual visitor management system and how much of a task it becomes for the person going through it. Today the traditional visitor management system is making security a monotonous and a slow process. With the advent of digitization, the visitor management methods have reshaped and transformed in a way to make it an easy and interactive mode of society check-ins.

The Traditional methods of the visitor management system:

Since long, we’ve been conditioned to use registers and leaflets to enter or go past the security check-ins. The age-old methods have been continuous trouble causing factor when it comes to security checks.

Below given are a few pointers of traditional methods of the visitor management system;

● Old- fashioned :
Registers and manual security check-ins are old-age methods and we must all accept that, now, in today’s age and generation, nobody would want to flip through pages and manually fill out their details which takes up a considerable amount of time. Also, one cannot retrieve data and has to go through all the data compiled.

● Monotonous :
Who likes to go through repetitive exercises of writing down their details or security check-ins? Noting down one’s details can get monotonous and at some level annoying as well, especially when the details are entered manually. One has to withstand all odds just for the sake of jotting down their details.

● Time- consuming:
Waiting in long queues at the entry gate takes a lot of time along with writing down one’s details which is not only time-consuming but also tiring. Imagine standing in a queue and waiting to fill out your details even though you’ve got an emergency to attend to, yet because of what the traditional security protocol entails one has to fill in each and every detail in order to get past the security check.

● Authenticity:
Even though one fills out their details in the register manually, one cannot verify and check if the details filled in are authentic or if it stands true, which is one of the major drawbacks. One cannot confirm if one’s contact information is valid or not which could be misleading as well.

Digital methods of the digital management system:

With the onset of the modern visitor management systems, it is a smart move to upgrade one’s traditional visitor management system and be advanced.

Below given are a few pointers of digital methods of the visitor management system;

● Visitor log :
With the modern-day approach, visitor management systems have upgraded their level of computing by having a separate ‘visitor log’ category, wherein the user can receive notifications and verify the visitor details. One can also quickly retrieve old data at one’s fingertips just by searching it up in the app.

● Pre-authorize visitors :
Technology is more advanced now, the modern visitor management has caught up pace allowing one to pre-authorizetheir visitors, by generating a unique code for them and making the security check-in quick and hassle-free

● Accept/Reject/Block visitors :
With the traditional methods of visitor management system turning contemporary, one can now view their visitor’s profile and can choose whether to accept/reject or block them, right before they can get past the entry gate.

● Record the vehicles entering:
The digital visitor management system has covered security in a comprehensive manner wherein, one can even keep a record of all the vehicles entering in and going out of the gated communities which makes the security management more stringent.

With the modern-day technologies, attracting so many customers and garnering attention in the market, the digitized version of the visitor management system has been on the rise and has become a ‘must-have’ in the world of security management. Biizlo, a security management app that helps you manage and authorize visitor information, in a comprehensive manner, anytime, anywhere and ‘on the go’ proves itself as a boon in the field of security. A smart and effective mobile app that enables security in residences, as well as gated communities, is something that Biizloapp offers to its users, along with varied features that makes it top in the category of most advanced gate security management systems.

After being briefed about the traditional as well as modern methods of the visitor management system, we have a clear idea and understanding concerning the importance and advantages of the digitized visitor management system as opposed to traditional systems. In an age and generation where everything is done at a click, why not manage and authorize security at the tip of your fingers and be assured about your safety?