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for apartments & housing societies

Guard App

Shield is the mobile security app that is kept with the security guards of the gated community. We have developed an app that is simple, fast and efficient, looking at a basic level of understanding of guards in general. The visitor management at the gate thus becomes a hassle-free task for the security personnel and you thereby bid goodbye to the manual registers.

Resident App

Your home visitor management is made convenient and efficient, even for daily utility personnel. Wherever you are, the app notifies you when the visitor is at the entry gate, consisting of identity info, mobile number, vehicle number and purpose. Also, providing ease to you to authorize, manage and interact with visitor and security guards at the main gates.

Biizlo - Guard Security App
Biizlo - Resident Security app


for commercial & office spaces

Front Desk App

Your office visitor management is made convenient, interactive, transparent and efficient, even for daily utility personnel and material in-out. Wherever you are, the app notifies you when the visitor is at the lobby with details consisting of identity info, mobile number and purpose. Also, providing ease to your receptionist or front desk staff to interact with the visitor and office employees, along with a wow factor that enhances the image of your company.

Office App

This is the mobile app that is installed in the smart phones of department heads and employees. The App turns out to be a great way for engagement of resources in the office environment while also reaching out to visitors in an enhanced and impressive way, material in-out, checking and blocking of meeting and conference rooms, aggregated attendance tracker, aggregated visitor logs across multiple offices, etc. Lot more features in the pipeline soon.

Biizlo - Commercial / Office frontdesk security app
Biizlo - Commercial / Office frontdesk security app


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Flat Intercom Provides three-way connectivity amongst resident, security guard and visitors with zero infrastructure cost. Enjoy the convenience over a hardware intercom phone.

Visitor Logs Get phone notifications wherever you are to manage, authorize and view when a new visitor arrives. Receive visitor photo identity before anyone knocks at your door.

Pre Authorize Pre-checkin guests for smooth entry at the gate. Generate unique codes for your personal guests to safeguard privacy and define custom time periods.

Add Members Residents can add names & phone numbers of members who live together so that visitor notifications get sent to everyone with the same flat number. No limitations.

Approve / Decline The app provides flat residents a feature to allow or disallow visitors coming into their flat so that the main gate security guard can take necessary action.

Important Contacts Flat residents can add any number of emergency contacts in the app so that these mobile numbers will be contacted in times of emergency or panic situations.

Emergency Alert In case of extreme emergency anywhere at any time, use this app feature to alert the entire society and/or your emergency contacts with emergency panic notifications.

Vehicle Tracking The security guard uses the shield app to record vehicular information and purpose of visit along with the driver details and does checkout on exit from the society premises.

Panic Alert One click to avoid any uncertainty, connecting you with the security guard & visitor. Send LIVE location as panic alert to your friends, family or society members.

Notice Board Be aware of announcements & notices uploaded by committee in digital form instantaneously.

Code Entry Unique codes can be generated through the app to identify regular support staff without the need for mobile number verification.

Biometric Recognition The app allows regular staff to get identified using fingerprint scan facilitating speedy entry.

History Check past records of visitors, photos, pre-authorisations, alert logs, etc. without having to store them with pen and paper. All at one place.

Number Masking Prevent anyone from revealing your personal mobile number when you receive and make calls via the app. Retain your privacy.

Staff List Be able to view the updated contacts list of all facilities staff working in your society including security guards, society manager, etc.

Complaints Raise service requests to the facilities staff in your society for repairs, fixes, etc. and track them to closure.

Phone Book Reach out to anyone in your Society via chat or phone and be able to enable, or to disable this feature if you have privacy in mind.

More Convenience We promise you, we add new intelligent features in the Biizlo mobile app every month. Newer benefits for residents.

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